Writing Music to be Successful

The music scene is renowned and widely accepted as one of the hardest industries to break into. With numerous artists all trying to get their voice heard what would be the best way to go about it? Predominantly, there are two routes. You can choose to fit into the mainstream music culture, follow on the main trends and create music that people are comfortable and familiar with or you can try something new. Identifying a new sound, a new genre or a new culture of music is one of the most important things an artist can do. Of course , breaking the mould has never been an easy option, yet it could be the most successful way of getting your music heard.

The new and ever-growing music genre seen today is dubstep. Originating in South London in 1998, dubstep has become one of the most popular types of music, being described as electronic dance music. Since 1998, it has increased in popularity and is now seen as one of the mainstream genres of music. Yet, dubstep is all very similar. The constant beat and the repetitive rhythms seemed to have given rise to a uniform music culture. There have been limited ground-breaking artists who have dared to attempt to change this style, yet the popularity is ever prominent. Dubstep music has seemed to follow a monotonous style, which could be argued is the culture of today's society, especially being described as electronic dance music - what could be more prevalent in modern day UK? We are living through the technology age, a fast paced lifestyle with a constant repetitive routine which could amount to the music reflecting this. Yet although attractive and ‘modern', this music seems to be tedious and dreary. The unvaried way in which it is mass produced today could be argued as an easy route to take. Artists know what is popular and so they carry on creating the music they know will sell. There seems to be no attempt at trying to break into a new market, or create sub categories. This is not true of all dubstep artists, but due to the popularity many believe this could be the way to make a quick buck and kick start their career.

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