A Decent Start To Building a Home Recording Studio

Only decent, you are asking yourself? And I say yes, because not everyone aims to be a seasoned veteran of the music industry. And there are still folks who have no desire to hear a lifeless, sterile recording. Over-production can definitely harm the quality of a recording project. Some of my favorite recordings are not considered sonic masterpieces. But they capture an essence that appeals to me. And these recordings wouldn't be nearly as important to me if they had been recorded differently. And never forget, a good song is a good song, regardless of the production quality. However , let's not be extreme about this. I have heard recordings with production so bad, they were almost unlistenable. But you can achieve a nice, balanced median in the home recording studio. With a little education in the basics of home recording, along with some adequate gear, a great recording result is completely possible in the home studio.

First and foremost, your recording space must sound good. If you are not happy with the way it sounds, do not continue until it is corrected. Bass frequencies tend to collect in corners and create a muddy, low-end rumble. Bass traps are used to correct this. DIY versions can be constructed from rigid fiberglass and positioned strategically in corners to fix the issue. Another possibility is just to stack unopened packages of standard, fluffy pink fiberglass into the trouble areas. This will clean up the low rumble very nicely. For the higher frequencies, you may want to think about the reflection points. These crucial points cause frequency cancellations if not treated. This problem can be treated with several inches of acoustic panels made from open-cell foam. Placed at the proper reflection points, these panels will tame the interfering high frequencies. With just these two solutions, bass traps and broadband absorbers, the quality of the room will already be noticeably improved. Now the studio monitors will reproduce a better, more accurate sounding room than before it was treated. And this we will be your savior when it is time to mix.

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