Is The Criminal Attorney America's New Hero?

Heroes come in many forms: characters with superhuman powers, the men and women in uniform who fight for our country, even neighbors who show up to lend a helping hand in case of emergency. There is no doubt that we look to find heroic stories in the local newspaper, post them on social media sites, and share with co-workers during a break. Americans tune into all different television shows for entertainment, but almost every TV-viewer has an interest in crime drama. And why? Because we all love the hero we see every episode in these shows: the criminal attorney.

Consider Jack McCoy, an attorney played by Sam Waterston on Law and Order. Waterston's character appeared on over 350 episodes throughout the show's history, and was known to not back down from any fight. Viewers love to watch McCoy push for the real truth and fight for justice in every episode. The show goes into depth about the imperfections of this character, yet people continued to tune in to Law and Order to watch McCoy for over a decade. His "good guy" status remained in tact, even as demons in his closet were revealed throughout his fifteen seasons, making him one of the most popular heroes on television throughout the late 1990s and 2000s.

One of America's favorite all-time attorneys is Ben Matlock, played by Andy Griffith, the main character on the show "Matlock, " which aired for nine seasons. Like Jack McCoy, Matlock did an incredible job of being ruthless in the courtroom. It was his personality outside of trial that got viewers to really understand and appreciate his character. Known for having the most intriguing fashion sense, people also enjoyed Matlock for his odd hot dog obsession, explained throughout multiple episodes of the popular show. Matlock was dramatic, engaging, and kept viewers interested with fancy, high profile cases each episode.

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