Advantages of Wireless CCTV Cameras

Wireless security cameras (also often called IP and network cameras) are fast becoming almost the default choice for home surveillance systems. The first and most obvious benefit is given away in the name €" they're €wireless€ which means that like a laptop computer or any other wireless device you can put them pretty much anywhere. Not only that, but should you decide you want to relocate them to a different spot (often you only find out the best locations through a bit of trial and error) then once again they're extremely versatile. A traditional CCTV camera needs to be physically linked via a cable to its recording medium which somewhat restricts them in this respect.

Being essentially just additional devices on your home wireless network also means that IP cameras are easy to, well network. This means you can easily get a unified view of all your cameras from a central location, either on one of your home computers or remotely. Most systems are automatically detected by the network and computer software for managing them so installation really is pretty straightforward. Other aspect of network cameras is that, like most modern electronic technology, they can be made pretty small which has a couple of effects. First, they are lightweight and don't require bulky mounting brackets and second they can be somewhat discreet. This latter characteristic is extremely useful in situations where you want to collect information rather than scare people away. A conventional CCTV camera situated indoors for example would stick out terribly, whereas you could easily place an IP camera on a shelf and most people simply wouldn't notice it. In fact there are many other reasons why IP cameras are ideal for covert monitoring applications which we will get to, but in essence they're much better at the job of recording images than regular CCTV systems which are as much about advertising their presence as anything else.

Advantage of a digital security camera is that you don't need to constantly attend to it since it never runs out of €tape€ and can be configured to store images in an almost endless number of ways. So you have the option to keep everything more or less forever, or to discard images after a sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} given period of time or in response to a manual request, or to archive selected images according to a schedule of your choosing and so forth. Also, the images can be instantly routed to multiple locations,

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