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Tv for Pc reefers to a Pc program that enables you watch Tv on your Pc or laptop. The Tv for Pc program has become popular lately because its cheap and it offers thousands of television channels to choose from, but the major reason why most people are now switching to Tv for Pc is because it is the most convenient way to switch from analog to digital television. At a one time registration fee of 44. 95$ only, its now possible for you to access over 12000+ free television channels directly to your Pc or laptop in superior quality via the internet, this is also referred to as internet Tv. Click here for more TV for PC details

Once you are a member, you will gain full access and watch over 12000+ free online television channels from all over the word with streaming films, sports, music, weather, Tv shows and free movies and movie downloads including catch up television. This service is 100% legal, no illegal downloads, no illegal software used, no illegal satellite or Tv descramblers.

View Tv requirements ( Pc requirements):

For you to watch online Tv on your Pc At least 64M system memory --- 128M system memory is recommended and at least 10M hard disk space.

Windows XP (Professional or Home edition), Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows95, Windows98, or Vista Home or Professional Platforms. MAC users will need to have a current OS X version with. exe download abilities.

Use Tv for Pc on a broadband cable/DSL connection with 128K minimum speed for optimum performance. However , this will work on a 56k dial up as well. You will just need to wait longer for the TV channels to buffer (download).

You can use satellite TV for PC on as many as six computers with one membership, provide everyone in your household with this service, or install at your work or business. You will be allowed to download and view on up to six computers or laptops with one membership.

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