Islamic Banking Credit Card

Islamic Banking Credit Card

ONE of the characteristics of modern lifestyle is fast-paced and efficient. For example, the use of cards as a means of payment, has become a necessity of modern society in lieu of cash in your wallet is thick and certainly less secure.

Islamic banks do not want to miss in providing solutions for the needs of modern society, by presenting iB Credit Card.

IB Credit cards, such as credit cards in general, can be used to shop at a variety of merchants, withdraw cash from ATMs, pay bills (electricity, water, telephone, cable tv, pay for college tuition), to buy a plane ticket and recharge pulse phone.

IB Credit Cardholders enjoy the same comfort and ease with the credit card holders in general. This is because the Credit Card iB supported also by Master Card International, so it can be used in nearly 30 million merchants and ATMs bearing the MasterCard or Cirrus around the world.

IB Credit cards are currently supported by 3 types of existing schemes agreements that form the basis kesyariahannya. Consists of the type of agreement, the guarantee of the transaction with the merchant, or the loan facility of cash withdrawal, or rent the services of payment systems and services.

On the scheme chosen, Islamic bank card issuers impose fees for card holders. How to set the fee? For transactions with a merchant facility, the amount of the fee based on the value of transactions that are volatile.

Although many components of the fee, however nominal terms, the fee charged by the credit card iB lower than the interest rates charged are generally credit card. So iB Credit Card users can enjoy the advantage of the lower fee compared to other credit cards.

Is there a penalty for late payment of credit card iB? Of course, because it is meant to educate cardholders discipline. However, acceptance of these fine Islamic banks are not for profit and is not included in the income of Islamic banks. Islamic banks will channel all fine revenue to the social sectors.

Credit Card with a unique iB, convenience and service facilities covering an area of ​​other credit cards, and fees are comparatively lighter. Please visit the nearest Islamic banks.

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