Confused choosing DSLR Camera or Pocket Point and Shoot Camera?

Confused choosing DSLR Camera or Pocket Point and Shoot Camera?

The world of photography is very exciting because there are so many objects and events that can be captured with camera shots. Many people are enamored with this world so they make it as a hobby or profession. Regardless of purpose to pursue the world of photography, this hobby needs to be supported by advanced technology that is able to produce good quality images that are sharp. At least, there are two kinds of camera options can be used to support the hobby and profession. You can choose between a DSLR camera or a point and shoot pocket camera. Both of these cameras have their respective advantages. Despite the price, specs, and its different, choices can be tailored to the goals, needs, and funds owned.

The first option can be used to support the hobby of photography is a DSLR camera. This camera is quite effective to produce images with excellent quality. In addition, there are many advantages not possessed ordinary pocket camera. Differences can be seen from the camera design, features, and functions. Performance is determined from the sensor and the camera lens has. Perhaps many people consider a DSLR camera is not very practical. This may be because the body is very large. Of course, this camera can take place and not easy to carry as a tiny pocket camera. However, the deficiency can be overcome with a handgrip that enables users while holding the camera. DSLR camera features are also quite abundant and all of these features are very important to produce better image quality. Camera settings can be customized for specific shooting objects at a given time. This camera also comes with additional features such as Live View. This feature makes the price soared. In addition, the digital SLR camera also has the ability to record video with quality far better than a pocket camera. Compared with ordinary camera, DSLR cameras have larger sensors so as to produce quality images with low noise and minimize pixel point. Flexibility can also be enjoyed by users of DSLR cameras. They can change with different types of camera lenses on the market. Each lens has its own advantages and functions.

So, what about a pocket camera? This camera is an alternative that is more friendly than the relatively expensive DSLR cameras. As the name implies, it fits in a pocket camera bag. Price and size according to the size of the pockets of ordinary consumers are more concerned with competitive price than quality above average. The camera body is very thin, but the performance is still reliable. The design is also more elegant, minimalist, simple and so much more compelling than a DSLR camera berutubuh bongsor. However, its also seminimalis body appearance. The feature is not sufficient for professional photography. Users can not freely change certain settings and features to get a better picture quality. However, the weakness can be covered with Vibration Reduction feature. While not as attractive as the Live View feature on DSLR cameras, this feature prevents image blur. May not have a pocket camera capable lens, but the lack of it can be overcome with the zoom feature. Lens can not be replaced because it has been adapted to the specifications of the camera itself,

Which is a better option? More options defined by the user, rather than the quality and specifications of the camera itself. For users who want to explore the world of photography, a DSLR camera is the best pillhan. For users who are not very interested in photography and only use as needed camera, pocket camera is the best choice.

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